This session will provide a brief historical backdrop explaining the origin and purpose of TIF and will proceed to outline the basic mechanics of how the program works vis a vis the tax collection and distribution process, what can and cannot be funded and how the program has been successfully applied in Wisconsin. There will be a discussion about proper TID program management and options for structuring TIF plans and agreements to effectively minimize risk to the local municipality. 

The presentation will entail a front half which will cover historic context, statutory authority, mechanics of the program and back half which will cover the details of what can be financed, how it is financed and mathematical samples of TIF projections and analysis.

Our Instructor: Ehlers is a leading TIF consultant in Wisconsin having been involved in the creation of Tax Increment Districts since the program’s inception in 1976. From 2009-2018 alone, Ehlers has created or amended 519 TID’s in Wisconsin.

Fundamentals of Tax Incremental Financing

  • April 30, 2019