Introduction to

Economic Prosperity Planning for Wisconsin Tribes

About this Half Day Session:

This FREE half day session (lunch included) will introduce participants to the Economic Prosperity Planning workshops that are now available to Wisconsin Tribes.  On Wednesday, February 5th, the program will provide samples of the concepts and exercises that will be part of the full sessions offered to each Wisconsin Tribe in their community. 

The February 5th session will provide participants with exercises on the following subject matters:

  • Assessing your approach to advancing Economic Prosperity
  • Identification of Economic Prosperity assets for your Tribe
  • Introduction to the business model canvas as a tool for business formation efforts
  • Summary of the Economic Prosperity Planning series and the goals of each workshop


The Economic Prosperity Planning Series includes:  

Tribal Economic Prosperity Planning 101 – Foundation for Success (Required): 

Would you like your tribal residents, officials and staff to better understand and support your tribal economic development efforts?  This program is designed to engage all members of the tribe at a local workshop to provide a greater understanding of how local efforts can be aligned for future prosperity.  

Tribal Economic Prosperity Planning 201 – Organizational Development:

The alignment of resources (personnel, financial and political) are a critical part of creating sustainable Economic Prosperity for Wisconsin Tribes.  This workshop will engage participants in considering the systems, processes and organizational structures that could help advance goals of their Tribe and enhance outcomes from Economic Prosperity Planning efforts.

Tribal Economic Prosperity Planning 301 – Enterprise Development:

This session will be designed to assist individual Tribes in their business formation efforts. The Lean Business Model canvas will be utilized as the foundation of this program. The effort is designed to engage tribal residents and leaders in the advancement of business efforts that diversify revenue streams to Wisconsin Tribes.

Introduction to Economic Prosperity Planning for WI Tribes

  • February 5, 2020
  • 201 W Washington Avenue
    Madison, Wisconsin
    United States